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Kat Cora

Episode Eight (Live NOW)

Compliance can be a treacherous area for small to medium business owners and HR leaders.  Businesses with 100 employees have many of the same reporting requirements and compliance burdens as businesses with 499 employees.  In this discussion, we cover the most commonly missed compliance issues, glaring areas of exposure and risk, and how to mitigate and manage through compliance crises.  You do not want to miss this important discussion, for the sake of your business, you better listen up.


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Episode Nine (Live NOW)

In this special episode of "Down the HR Rabbit Hole," we feature New Orlean's fixtures and Adeeta Corporate Staffing's President Founder, Lola Lass, and VP Partner, Andrew Lass. The podcast covers a range of topics from the pains of Talent Acquisition in a post COVID-19 hiring market as well as the important topic of Employer Branding and how it can help employers compete with other employers, vying for top talent. After a combined 35+ years of recruiting in the Greater New Orleans Region, few could improve on the insights of Andrew Lass and Lola Lass - they have the Talent pulse of the GNO market. Tune in to sharpen your edge on Talent Acquisition, NOW.

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Sanders Offner, Philip Carrillo, Richelle Chategnier, and Kayla Chategnier.



Guests of “Down the HR Rabbit Hole” are clients, friends, field experts, business owners, and professionals in relevant fields.  Their points of view, as they are broadcast on “Down the HR Rabbit Hole,” do not represent Crescent Payroll Solutions and CrescentHR.  Information in “Down the HR Rabbit Hole” does not constitute legal advice.



Crescent Payroll Solutions, LLC, was founded in May 2011.  Its founder, Sanders Offner, spent many years prior to starting CPS with a national payroll firm where he learned the business.  Starting his own bureau out in a closet in his house, Sanders worked hard to build strong infrastructure around best-in-class customer service and relationships with his clients.  July, 2020, in response to client demand, Sanders and his business partner, Justin Farrae, completed the Human Capital Management service vertical with the introduction of CrescentHR, a fractional HR services department, which focuses on providing small to medium businesses with HR guidance, resources, and tools.



“Down the HR Rabbit Hole” is a podcast produced, recorded, and published by Crescent Payroll Solutions, LLC.  The podcast is hosted by Sanders Offner, the founder and CEO of Crescent Payroll Solutions, LLC.  His cohosts and alternates are Philip Carrillo, an HR Advisor for CrescentHR, Richelle Chategnier, Sales Lead for Crescent Payroll Solutions range of products and services, and Kayla Chategnier, Sales Coordinator.

Our goal for “Down the HR Rabbit Hole” is simple.  We want to introduce you to business owners, HR thought leaders and managers, and experts from specialized fields.  They’ll share hard-earned wisdom, expertise, and insights with you every two weeks, you decide what you want to do with it.  We want to give you, our clients, friends, and audience practical, everyday value, sampling current Human Capital trends.



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